All I want for Christmas…

10) …is a Sabres Power-Play.  Buffalo sits at 19th out of 30 teams with a 16.8% effectiveness.  Vancouver and Chicago lead with a 24.4% rating.  Derek Roy’s appearance at the point has led to increased shooting and creativeness.  The Sabres problem is keeping it in the zone.  Every frickin’ time I look up the puck is sailing 200 feet towards Ryan Miller.  We’re not quite to, ‘Can we decline it?’ territory but things could be better

9)  …is to beat the Patriots, please!; Just this once?

8) …is for Jochen Hecht to not be on the Sabres anymore. thank you for many years of service, but it’s time to go. Seriously.

7) …is for Jim Kelly to be telling the truth about having an ‘ownership group’ ready and waiting to keep the Bills in Buffalo.

6) …is for the Sabres to get tougher

5) …is for Chris Kelsay to get traded

4) …is for Tom Golisano to sell the Sabres to an owner willing to go 100% at The Cup.

3) …is for the Sabres to say goodbye to Craig Rivet and hello to a Captain who plays Center on the first line.

2) …is for Andrew Luck by some twist of fate to fall to the Bills in the draft

1) …is for The Stanley Cup to be in Buffalo

Happy Holidays Everyone!