The Buffalo Sabres have signed Mike Grier to a one year contract.  Grier will suit up for the Blue and Gold for the 2010-11 season.  This keeps the 35 year old Right winger from becoming an unrestricted Free Agent on July 1st.

Grier is known for his excellent penalty killing ability.  Not known for his scoring, but has twice had 20 goal seasons.  Those days are behind him, but he still managed a very respectful 10 goals & 12 assists for the Sabres in 2009-10.  Maybe even more important, Grier had 2 goals in the playoffs against Boston this year.  He nearly had a 3rd that was a highlight reel save by Tuukka Rask. 

Grier brings size to the Sabres forward lines.  He is 6'1", 227lbs.   He will play on the 3rd line with players like Paul Gaustad and Tim Kennedy.

I made no secret of my appreciation for Mike Grier during the playoffs.  He raised his game in offensive effort and also hitting.  Grier regularly handed out severe physical punishment to Bruin players in a series where Buffalo was often the recipient of such brutality.

Kudos to Sabres management for showing the urgency in re-signing the veteran.  Darcy Regier wasted no time in making the seemingly obvious move.  Plus one for the front office. 

The early comments from fans are positive, with a side of 'ok, what's next?'.  I'd like to look at this signing on its own.  It is a  player signing that will help the Sabres win next year.  Grier is a player who raised his game in the playoffs; also a positive.  Of course, the Sabres need more improvements, but let's give credit today where it is due.