The first thing I think about when I hear Phoenix Coyotes is, ‘Why the hell do they still have an NHL team in Phoenix?  They’ve lost millions of dollars and nobody goes to the games.  I feel like if the Buffalo Sabres had the exact same economic woes and fan apathy the team would have been relocated by now.  It’s not quite a conspiracy, but it’s definitely a bunch of BS by the NHL.  I guarantee that Winnipeg, the city from where the Coyotes moved, would sell out the arena most nights.  It can’t be about the TV market because nobody in Phoenix is watching this team on TV.  There are more corporate dollars in Southern cities, but are those luxury boxes even filled???  It’s about the NHL not wanting to admit that their Southern expansion is largely a failure.  Other than Dallas, most Southern teams are irrelevant in their home markets.  The Tampa Bay Lightning can’t get fans to show up and they won the frickin’ Stanley Cup! game preview

WGR550 game preview