I still hate the Carolina Hurricanes.  The Hurricanes have the Stanley Cup banner that should be hanging in HSBC Arena.  The hate that remains however, has nothing to do with the players.  It is directed towards the franchise.  A franchise that can’t sell tickets, has cheerleaders, and is directly responsible for the demise of the Hartford Whalers.  The ‘Canes stand for what is wrong with hockey.  Gary Bettman expanded into the South in search of money and that’s what he got.  Corporations are plentiful in southern cities but hockey fans are few. 

When I visited RBC Center for Game 5 in 2006 Sabres fans owned the upper deck and concourse during intermissions.  The upper deck wasn’t full of Buffalonians because we had snatched up tickets at the first chance.  It was full of Sabre fans because the Carolina fans simply didn’t want to buy tickets.  Tickets were available right up until game time; FOR THE CONFERENCE FINALS!!  Are you kidding me? 

They don’t care about hockey, they are the bastardized version of the Hartford Whalers, and they have our Stanley Cup banner.  HATE.  

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