The Chicago Tribune printed this picture of Chris Pronger in a Figure skating dress in todays paper. 

Stay tuned for updates during each intermission. I will highlight: Hits, great passes, shots, defensive efforts, and due to poor goaltending, probably lots of goals.

LET'S GO!  Game 6, Period One, From The Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, PA ...

Furious pace, right off the bat.  Hossa controls for CHI & they start peppering Leighton with shots.  Seabrooke from teh point, SAVE.  Toews shot, SAVE, Leighton!  Chris Pronger is wearing regular hockey pants, so I guess the dress picture was not real.  A rare shot for Philly by Simone Gagne, SAVE Niemi.  Jonathan Toews is looking elite.  He is taking control of the game & playing like a captain should.  Duncan Keith shows off his skill by avoiding a hit & sliding the puck to his forward.  This fast pace SHOULD favor CHicago and it IS.  Shots are 10-2 halfway thru period one. NO SCORE.

Pronger takes a holdign penalty on Marian Hossa.  That was deserved, but unnecessary.  Flyers survive the PP , despite constant pressure.  Leighton is looking much better than Period 1 of game 5.  Goaltending will be key in this game, as both teams are getting their chances. 

Scott Hartnell is half Brown Bear and he mauls Jonathan Toews into the boards.  Brent Seabrooke delivers a brutal hit on Ville Leino.  Seabrooke & hartnell have a good battle near the boards.  That's what I like to see Boys!  A chance for Philly, Denied by Niemi!  Niemi is playing well, as usual.  James Van Riemsdyk(awesome name!) almost gets a point blank shot, but is steared away by #2 Duncan Keith.  PP for Philly at 13 min in.  TImmonen nice point shot, SAVE Niemi.  PP over.  Patrick Kane dipsy doodling around, has a nice shot from the outside, SAVE Leighton

PP for CHI, Pronger again, High stick on Toews. 

GOAL - Dustin Byfuglien standing in front.  After CHI works it around, using Kane & Toews, they feed it to the big man who bangs it home.  1-0 CHI-town.  PHI PP right after the goal, Seabrooke with an elbowing.  PHI gets good pressure, but no shots.  ANOTHER PP for Philly.  OK refs, we know you're there!  Brent Sopel goes for interference. 

GOAL, Scott Hartnell! Is that Paul Bunyan?  No, it's Duncan Keith, hacking down Scott HArtnell in front.  Hartnell stands up, receives the puck & puts it past Niemi to tie the game at 1-1. 

Shots favor CHI 17-7 in Period one.  Leighton is keeping Philly in the game.  They need to step it up or else it's going to get out of hand.  The CUP is still in its case...

TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES!!! If there's a game 7, I will be watching it on my brand new TV.  Enough of this internet TV crap. 

Shot by Philly, immediately as period 2 begins, Philly with good pressure.  Scott Hartnell is a beast and he hits Kris Versteeg hard into the boards.  Ville Leino breaks in and does his best Brian Campbell impression with a Spin-o-rama, shot WIDE.  Hartnell viciously hits Hjalmarsson and receives 2 minutes in teh box.  Byruglien in front during the PP, no luck for CHI.  Sharpe tries to jam in a rebound and is DENIED by Leighton.  Solid game for Leighton.

HIT OF THE SERIES Mike Richards on Tomas Kopecky.  Like a Freight train, Baby!  Chris Pronger seperates Toews from the puck witha niec Defensive play.  GOAL, Danny Briere off of a nice breakaway and pass by Ville Leino.  Briere is really an elite scorer.  8 min into 2nd.  2-1 Philly.

Penalty on #5 Coburn of Philly.  'No stairway?...DENIED!'(Waynes World) Toews is denied in front.  Little scrum afterwards.  Hossa runs over Leighton while driving to the net.  No way he could have stopped. Bad call, goalie interference.  4 on 4 play

GOAL" PAtrick Sharpe. 5 hole from the right face off dot.  Bad goal for Leighton to let in.  Sharpe's 11th goal of the playoffs.  CHI is regaining momentum and negates Philly's shortened PP chance.  Scott HArtnell still Hittin'! Andrew Ladd with a shot that is blocked.  Jeff Carter with a shot, SAVE Niemi.  Intense END to END action! 4 minutes to go.

GOAL : Andrew LADD. 3-2 CHICAGO.  I did not see it because I am too poor to afford a TV.  CHicago gets another PP, which will carry over to Period 3.  Knock-knock-Is anybody in here? Hossa WALKS IN on Leighton and takes a dangerous shot with 3 seconds remaining.  Chicago gets the last shot as time expires on a blast from Sharpe that is denied by Leighton. 

Shots in favor of Philly.  The CUP is out of the case and being polished by the man in white gloves.  Gary Bettman is clearing his throat for the presentation speech.  WILL WE SEE THE CUP TONIGHT?!?

Period 3 Coming up! 


Philly MUST score.  Marian Hossa gives Pronger a shove into the bench. Shots on the PP by Kopecky & Kane, no dice.  Byfuglien takes a ripper, WIDE.  Chicago playing good team defense.  Danny Briere has a black eye.  I wonder where he got that, but judging by this series, why doesn't EVERYONE have a black eye?!  Brian Campbell has been a nonm-factor in this series.  If you think back to hom important he was in Buffalo's Playoff runs.  I think the game has just changed, to his detriment.

John Madden with a nice shot, SAVE leighton.  Toews with good puck posession, wasting time.  Philly getting good pressure now, Jeff Carter cuts in High slot and lets loose a wrister, SAVE Niemi on a shot screened by the captain, Mike RIchards.  Still 3-2 Chicago.  Briere with a hard shot from the point.  SV Niemi.  Half way thru the 3rd.  Briere with an in-close back-hand juuuussst wide of the net.

Andrew Ladd with a solo run into the offensive zone.  Shot and SAVE Leighton.  Laviolette's decision to start Leighton has been justified.  Boynton with a point shot for Chicago, Save Leighton. 6 min left.  Claude Giruoux with a good chance, good D play by CHicago to deny Giroux.  Hossa carries the puck in, stops on a dime, drops to Toews... back-hand denied by Leighton!

Mike Richards steals from Ladd who was pressured by the pinch from Coburn and ALMOST stuffs it in teh short side.  Good save by Niemi.  Richards shoulda have lifted it more.

WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Niemi, Save on Giroux.  GOALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! Ville Leino carries the puck in on the right wing, soft defense, tosses it out in front, puck goes off Hossa and The Grizzly Bear, Scott HArtnell directs it into the net for the game tying marker. 3-3 Game.  4 min left.

Jeff Carter shot, Hjalmarsson with a sliding shot block off his skate blade, OUCH!.  POWE challenges Byfuglien with a hit.  Byfuglien wins and Powe is hurting.  Jeff Carter is ROBBBEEEDDD by Niemi on the doorstep.  Carter shoulda put it where momma hides the cookies. But he couldn't due to a diving Brian Campbell & nice Save by Niemi. 

Little Scrum with 37 seconds left. Andrew Ladd DRILLS Timmonen into the net after Leighton covers the puck. That was uncalled for!  And it was Uncalled by the refs as well.  Time expires.

AS RJ would say: "We're going to Oooovvveeeerrrrrtiiimmmeeee"

OT:   Patrick Kane scores the Game winner.  For the first time in 49 years, Chicago is celebrating a Stanley Cup.