Blackhawks defenseman Niklas Hjalmarsson received a 2 game suspension from Colin Campbell for his blindside hit on Jason Pominville.  I originally said that I’d be satisfied with a 5-10 game suspension and I’m sticking to that.  A two game suspension is an insult.  It also goes against all the tough talk the NHL was spouting over the summer about eliminating headshots and concussions.

Most on the Chicago side have been rank & file in analyzing the hit as at least close to legal.  Buffalo media and fans including myself have stood strong that the hit was dirty, illegal and deserved a harsh punishment.  Even with the difference in allegiances it’s interesting that two people could look at the same video and come to two completely different conclusions.  My thoughts on the hit are contained in the article below entitled, ‘The Hjalmarsson Hit on Pominville’.  My opinion has not changed.

By handing out a 2 game suspension the NHL did nothing to deter these kinds of hits and the resulting concussions.  Bottom line, a 2 game suspension is an insult.

Paul Hamilton of WGR wrote a succinct article that reflects my thoughts.  Rather than rehash it I’ll direct you to his article here:

If there is any good news it’s that Hjalmarsson will be back when the two teams play again on Saturday.  I’ll leave it at that.