Adam Mair - 6'2" , 193 vs Milan Lucic - 6'3", 205

Adam Mair levels Milan Lucic and then accepts the invitation to fight. The hit may have been a bit late, but what made it so devastating is that Lucic wasn't looking. Mair lifted him off his feet with the hard check. Perhaps a bit embarrassed, Lucic issued the challenge.

This fight was not planned. It is rare that you see a 3rd period fight with a game tied 2-2. If two guys plan to fight, they usually get it out of the way in the opening period.
The fight itself was a great one for Mair. He stepped up half a weight-class & used both hands to gain an early advantage. I absolutely love the right jab to start things off. Lucic was not ready for that & once it landed, Mair let loose with all he had. Lucic gained the advantage by the end at which point Mair took cover & applied the takedown to end it.

The voters at have declared the match a dead heat. It was a solid fight for Mair, pure & simple. Mair has struggled to stay relevent, being put thru waivers earlier this season & going unclaimed.

He doesn't put up points, but he loves being a Sabre. I think fans see that and identify with it. It's common to hear fans say "I'd play for the Sabres for free". That's easy to say while you're sitting safely on your bar stool. In Mair, you have a guy who has NHL skill & loves the team as much as the fans. How do we know he loves this team? They tried to get rid of him, he came back with no complaints, and is still taking punches to the face for the Buffalo Sabres.