It’s late enough in the season to start talking about clinching a playoff spot.  The Sabres are far from clinching a spot, but they are in the driver’s seat to end the 2 year draught. 

THE NUMBERS:  As far as just MAKING The Playoffs.

The Sabres have 79 points with 18 games remaining.  A perfect record gives them 115, 0-18, obviously leaves them at 79, and most likely on the outside looking in.  So there are no guarantees.  But, let’s look at ways that they can secure a spot.  Atlanta has the most potential points of any non-playoff team.  The ATL can get up to 100 if they win out.  The Sabres need only go 11-7 (22pts) to get to 101.  You could throw together countless combinations of W/L records, but the outlook is good for The Blue & Gold.

Of course, we have higher aspirations for the team.  We also have worries about facing The Caps, Pittsburgh, Ottawa, or even New Jersey in Round 1.  Nobody in their right mind at this point would guarantee the boys will make it to round 2.  The team is not at its best, or most exciting.  Few players stand out and the team seems headed for an early round exit.      

 However, let’s consider the bigger picture here. 

The Buffalo Sabres are about to play their first playoff game in over 1,000 days.  They were eliminated by Ottawa on May 19, 2007.  As of today, March 9th, it has been 1,025 days without a Sabres playoff game.  The playoffs are right around the corner. 

Are you excited yet?