Brad May was put through waivers this past week.  No teams were interested in the services of the Veteran lefty enforcer.  After the olympic break he will either report to The Grand Rapids Griffins or retire from hockey.

The Buffalo Sabres needs are heavily weighted towards 1st & 2nd line scoring.  However, for the relatively small salary of $500,000 per year (about $100,000) for the remaining portion of this season, the Sabres could have added the veteran who would instantly be the toughest fighter on the team.  Brad May backs down from no challenge.  After 18 NHL seasons he still regularly stands toe to toe with the NHL's toughest men.  No current Sabre can make that claim.   

The move wouldn't have won the Sabres a playoff series or fixed their recent defensive lapses.  However, it would be nice to have an angry Left Winger ready to drop the mits the next time someone runs over Ryan Miller or boards Tim Connolly.  (Tyler Myers, thanks for the effort, but go hit the weight room before your next NHL fight)

As a Sabres fan, it would have been a great moment to watch MayDay take his final NHL skate in the Blue & Gold.  A jersey he wore with pride and sometimes blood.