The Buffalo Sabres will clean out their lockers today.  Thus starts the off-season.  First we will find out if management and coach will remain.  Then the player transactions will begin.  One thing that has begun immediately is fan speculation and a whole lot of whining.  Fans are understandable upset about the first round playoff exit.  Buffalo fans are passionate, that's what makes Buffalo such a great sports city.  We live and die with our teams.  And when our teams fail, it gets ugly.

Most fan comments range from cut the entire team, to fire Lindy Ruff, to shots at the ownership.  I imagine the mood in Phoenix, who also lost their first round match, is slightly more celebratory.  That team also has been out of the playoffs for a while.  Buffalo ain't Phoenix, and we're not going to settle for anything but THE CUP.  However, I personally am not going to be so quick to demand a full house-cleaning.  There's plenty of time to analyze the season, the team, and where we need to head to get that CUP in future years.  For now, the rest of the NHL moves on.  It may not be as exciting as watching our Sabres, but it's still hockey.


Detroit (5) vs (1) San Jose - Finally, the series that is always supposed to happen, is happening! Will the Sharks get the job done against a less than super Detroit team who barely escaped their opening rd matchup in the desert?

Chicago (2) vs (3) Vancouver - This was an interesting matchup last year.  Vancouver may be the last Canadian team left in the playoffs if The Canadiens fail to beat Washington tonight at 7PM 


We will have plenty of end of season Sabres analysis on the blog.  The articles will continue to flow.  I'll have updates on other NHL news as well.  Stay tuned!